Darkness in the Netherlands online

December 2017: All measuring locations at a glance
Through the menu bar "All measuring locations actual" are all actual measuring data visibile on one page, except Arkemheen. The data of Arkemheen are stored internally, but are not shown on the internet.

The reports of the measurements in 2016 are now available.


Beverwijk (Tata Steel)




Radio Kootwijk



NachtMeetnet locations

Measuring techique

The light from the night sky is measured by a sensitive light sensor that is pointing upwards.

A number of monitoring stations is equipped with a heating to keep the sensor free from dew and snow.
The monitoring data are stored locally and every 5 minutes a actual graph is sent to this website.

The Netherlands at Night

Photo by André Kuipers from the ISS March 2, 2012

NachtMeetnet (Night Monitoring Network) shows the darkness in the Netherlands on-line at eight locations after sunset.  Extension of NachtMeetnet with a few additional monitoring stations is under investigation.

Click at the left on the bars and tabs for the online data of the monitoring stations.

The Netherlands is one of the most light polluted countries in Europe. Natural darkness is becoming increasingly scarce as many lighting is often uncessary or excessive. This costs a lot of energy and money.

NachtMeetnet monitors the long term consequences of the modern developments of lighting and provides insights for lighting designers and governments to illuminate social responsibile with the right balance between light and darkness.

Your company, community or province can take part and contribute to Nachtmeetnet. Fill out the contact form for more info.
What is ?
NachtMeetnet is a tradename under Sotto le Stelle (Registered Utrecht Nr. 30167055)